I am a neurologist working at the Amsterdam UMC in the Netherlands, with a special interest in clinical neurophysiology and cognitive neurology. Besides clinical work at the Alzheimer Center of the VU University Medical Center, my ambition is to conduct research focusing on brain network analysis and computational modeling of dementia. Other current interests are tDCS and the development of neurophysiological e-learning modules and EEG/MEG network data visualisation software.

Conference Presentations

European conference on Clinical Neurophysiology (ECCN 2019)
Jun 5-8 2019
Warsaw, Poland
28th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting (CNS)
July 13-17 2019
Barcelona, Spain
EDA Meeting 2019
September 4-6
Edinburgh, UK


My latest publication is a computational modeling study about Alzheimer's disease. By comparing different activity-targeting intervention strategies, the aim is to find a promising treatment for clinical trials.

Well, that was the latest original network-related piece. I also wrote a clinical image for the JAMA Neurology, based on an emergency ward patient with a drooping eyelid after vomiting: read it here

An opinion piece by a group of fellow Dutch brain network scientists has been published in Network Neuroscience,  in which we address key issues and challenges in the field. Read it here


At the moment I am examining source space MEG data in persons with Mild Cognitive Impairment to find signs of hippocampal neuronal hyperactivity. This could be relevant for early diagnosis and interventions.

I am also looking into the usefulness of the Amplitude Envelope Correlation (AEC) to discriminate MCI patients with positive AD biomarkers form healthy controls.

And, last but not least: good news! I received a NWO grant (ZonMw Memorabel) for the most fascinating project I could think of: model-based tDCS stimulation in AD with simultaneous MEG monitoring! To be continued...!