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 I am a neurologist working at the Amsterdam UMC in the Netherlands, with a special interest in clinical neurophysiology and cognitive neurology. Besides clinical work at the Alzheimer Center of the VU University Medical Center, my ambition is to conduct research focusing on brain network analysis and computational modeling of dementia. Other current interests are tDCS and the development of neurophysiological e-learning modules and EEG/MEG network data visualisation software.

Conference Presentations

July 2021
March 15-20, 2022
Barcelona, Spain
4-8 September 2022


e_i review.png

Together with a group of international colleagues, I have written a review about neurophysiological changes in Alzheimer's disease on different scales, and that excitation/inhibition imbalance is a core problem. Computational modelling can help to bridge the gap between the different scales, to better understand AD.

An opinion piece by a group of fellow Dutch brain network scientists has been published in Network Neuroscience,  in which we address key issues and challenges in the field. Read it here


Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 01.12.39.png

At the moment we are mainly working on modelling the effect of direct current stimulation in the brain. This is part of my ZonMw ExMachina project, as we prepare to recruit AD patients for non-invasive brain stimulation. 

Under review are two papers: one about a new measure that can describe network coupling based on local entropy, and a modelling paper about how neuronal hyperactivity is compatible with oscillatory slowing in AD. 

The image above is from my brain network visualisation program ScatterBrain, more about that on the software page!

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